RECIPE: Tomato and Avocado Salad

One of the most common complaints or excuses that I hear when it comes to healthy eating is a lack of time and/or resources.  I’m going to squash both of those arguments with this recipe.  It only has three ingredients and takes no more than 10-15 minutes to make.  I probably don’t even need a post to share it but there is no glorious sight than pictures of tomatoes and avocados so I’ll take this as an excuse to share some! You will need two Hass avocados, a couple handfuls of medium to large cherry tomatoes and your favorite Balsamic vinaigrette. (BTW – I normally wouldn’t have chosen the fat free option because I live by using moderation or smaller amounts of full fat options for most food products but, alas, this was all they had at my local bodega). TA1 After washing your tomatoes, quarter all of them. TA2 Once that is finished, take a moment to admire.  Ahhhhh!! TA3 Now place your cut up tomatoes into a bowl and set aside (but don’t worry. . it will be very brief). TA4 Now it’s time for the avocados to join the show.  Halve them to remove the pit and then quarter them. TA5   Now cut up the wedges into small, bite-sized chunks. TA6 Here comes the good part:  add the avocado chunks to the tomatoes you set aside just a couple minutes ago. TA7 Stir ’em around so the pieces are nice and mixed up. TA8     Now take the Balsamic vinaigrette and pour in enough to lightly coat the pieces but no more than that – it should be between 1/2 cup and a full cup. TA9

You are finally finished!  I told ya it would be quick, easy and painless.  It makes for a great side dish, omelet filler, salad topper or even a light lunch or snack. Enjoy!


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