About Fit Latina

Fit Latina is a culturally relevant community space and social platform aimed at Latinas that was created to provide guidance for a well-balanced, healthy life by sharing fitness tips and tricks, recipes, stories of triumph and challenge, the latest news in Latino health, healthcare and science, and much more.

Latinas are savvy, social and tech-friendly but developing healthy habits can be hard no matter who you are. Fit Latina aims to play on our strengths to make developing a lasting healthy, well-balanced lifestyle easier by taking out some of the guesswork.  Every Fit Latina event features certified, experienced fitness, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle professionals.  All content, whether it’s pictures, videos or articles, is diligently researched and meticulously verified.   Each video demonstrates industry expert approved techniques and tips.

We might all share the similar goal of a desire getting and staying healthier, but every Latina is different and unique.  It’s more than just reading about fitness, wellness and nutrition – it’s about developing a passion and an attitude that embraces fun, life and adventure.   It’s about sharing both accomplishments and downfalls.  It’s about coming together to uplift each other and push each other into a healthier tomorrow.

What Is Fit Latina:

Fitness –  Everything from the latest fitness trends and workout plans to videos that demonstrate proper form and technique.  If it involves physical activity and exercise, count on learning the how and the why.

Nutrition – Eating heathier doesn’t mean depriving yourself of the food you love or that food has to be boring.  Fit Latina features good-for-you tasty recipes, healthier takes on traditional classics, ingredient substitutions, easy Latin American-inspired cuisine, and more.

Technology/Fashion – With new fitness apps, exercise apparel and equipment coming out every day, staying ahead of the game when gearing up can be challenging.   Stay on trend and look great!

Lifestyle – All that other juiciness that makes up a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle:  women’s health, relationships, beauty,  etc

Interviews/Profiles – exclusives with inspiring athletes, coaches, professionals and real women to lead, teach, motivate and inspire

You have the choice to be healthier and happier – and you can do so without losing your nalgas!

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