These are some of the questions asked most often.  Please feel free to drop a line if your question is still not answered!

1.  Why was Fit Latina created?  Fit Latina was created due to a lack of information aimed at Latinas on how to build a healthy lifestyle while fitting in health, nutrition and fitness without decimating culture.

2. Do I have to be Latina to “like” or follow Fit Latina or participate in any events?Absolutely not! You just have to have a live outloud outlook on life and a desire to be realistically healthy, recognizing that we are all works in progress.  We aren’t trying to be the skinniest or the smallest, just our own healthiest.

3. I’m new to exercise and/or healthy eating OR I fell off and want to be healthier.  Where do I begin? Great news! Fit Latina host monthly fitness events in NYC each month and are looking to expand to other cities asap. Think your city should be next? Let us know!

4. I’m a certified fitness or nutrition profession and I want to get involved. How can I do that and what opportunities are available? Reach out! Fit Latina is constantly looking for new experts and there are plenty of ways to get involved – whether it’s participating in events, being the lead trainer on an event, writing a post, etc.  We are open to (almost) anything.

5. Why isn’t the platform bilingual? Working on it! The eventual goal for the site, if not the entire platform, is for it to be in both Spanish and English.

6. Speaking of site, yours looks super amateur? Under construction but always improving!

7. I have a healthy Latin-inspired recipe/tip that worked for me/motivational story/suggestion OR I want to get involved and help build FL faster. Who should I reach out to? Run, don’t walk, to your computer and email Alexandra at  acmFitLatina *at* gmail *dot* com

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