Choose Skin Health and Get on Twitter to Party ALL Day Today!

It looks like summer is FINALLY showing its face and will be sticking around for a while.  With the rise in temperatures, many more of us will be spending more time outside.  Are you doing what you can to take care of your skin from the sun’s rays?

Did you know that melanoma and other skin cancers are on the rise among Latinas?  Yes, we come in many different shades but that extra melanin some of our darker skinned sisters have doesn’t mean that you are protected from skin cancer.  In fact, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lives.

Right NOW, Neutrogena has an AMAZING skin care awareness campaign happening on Twitter.  Multicultural celebrity ambassadors including Bella Thorne, Gabrielle Union and Kerry Washington, dermatologists and beauty experts will be on-hand to spread important sun safety messaging which you can join simply by using the hashtag #ChooseSkinHealth.  Check out the invite below to learn more!

Remember:  prevention is MUCH easier than treatment! Protect your skin!

Neutrogena Invite

1 comment for “Choose Skin Health and Get on Twitter to Party ALL Day Today!

  1. TanishaLove
    May 22, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    I think it’s wonderful that Neutrogena is making a concerted effort to include women of color in conversations surrounding melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. For years, I believed that a golden tan was a sign of good health and, dare I admit it, a nod to my tropical roots. Now, many freckles and wrinkles later, I know better. I’m fortunate that all I have to show for all my years of sun worshiping are a few spots and lines, but I know far too many women (especially) who haven’t been so lucky. For better or for worse, the sun doesn’t see race, ethnicity or color. All it sees is bare and exposed skin, ripe for wrinkling, staining, and destroying. Thanks, Fit Latina and Neutrogena, for encouraging mujeres to spread on more sunscreen–while spreading skin cancer awareness, tambien. #ChooseSkinHealth

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