Fit Latina: What to Expect in 2014

new year

With a new year comes new changes and new direction!  When the site l;aunched late last summer, there wasn’t a lot of direction or focus.  This year, there is going to be a lot more of both!  So what can you expect when you visit

Hungry Latina.  Let’s face it – one of the most beautiful parts of our culture is the food that comes as a part of it.  We laugh, we love, we gather over food.  One of the hardest parts about making the plunge to decide to get healthier can be the idea of giving up all that yumminess.  I am a big believer that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Whether it’s anything from education about portion sizes and ideas for ingredient swaps to healthier versions of traditional classics and new recipes inspired by Latin cooking, the Hungry Latina section will feature our recipes and our flavors that align a healthy lifestyle with our culture.

Active Latina.  Fitness is one of the hottest markets.  There are hundreds of different workout plans and classes available for any type of fitness level and interest.  We will start adding more video this year – instructional videos for the correct form for lifting, plyometrics, etc.  Part of making the most of a workout is making sure it’s done correctly.  We will also highlight and try out different classes and types of workouts.  We will also be featuring the latest and greatest in terms of fitness/wellness/nutrition gear and technology.  As with this past year, we will share the training schedule for upcoming races from the start of training all the way through race day!

Community.  One of the most beautiful parts of Latino culture is a sense of family and that’s what this community is!  We are here for each other to push each other, to answer each other’s questions and to encourage each other.  There is a hugerunning girl need for writers and those interested in sharing their stories, discoveries and expertises.  Have you undergone a major health/lifestyle/fitness/nutrition transformation?  Do you have a recipe that’s both delicious and nutritious that all of your fellow Latinas MUST have?  Do you have a cautionary health tale to share? Is there a workout you can’t stop doing? Get in contact now.  Whether you’d like to handle the writing yourself or would simply like to get your story out there, we would love to hear from you!

Fit Latina Live and other live community events.  I’m convinced that having accountability is a great way to help foster a fitness regimen.  You are much less likely to cancel on a workout partner or group than yourself, especially if you are just starting out.  Fit Latina Live is a series of live monthly active events that launched in New York City last year.  FLL events are free to attend although donations are welcome and encouraged – half the proceeds goes to local charities.  FLL events will begin again in NYC this Spring and plans to expand to other cities in 2014.  2014 will also bring forth the Fit Latina Sunday Funday run crew – look for more information this March.


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