Let’s Stop Hating on the Resolutioners at the Gym

If you’re anything like me, you spent the end of 2014 dreading January.  No, it wasn’t the cold or the coming of a new year that was getting to me.  It was the fact that I was anticipating the rush arrival of Resolutioners at my gym.  I lamented over the thought of having to wait for a machine or for a weight behind someone who clearly didn’t know what they were doing.

Sure enough, the new year came and with it, the crowds.  There are people spending an hour on the treadmill in their plastic sweat suits (tip: these don’t work. . .you’re just losing water weight!).  There are cliques of women sitting on the mats chatting instead of doing floor exercises.  There are people doing crazy acrobatics with the free weights.  What was an easy routine a month ago has now become a dance to find open machines.

And you know what?  I don’t hate it this year.  You see, I’ve made consciously choosing to be open to new gym-goers part of MY resolution.  Sure it’s inconvenient and can be downright frustrating to see someone hogging space and machines BUT those people are here and they are trying.  Regardless of how motivated they end up staying, for at least part of 2015, they have made a valiant attempt to live a healthier lifestyle.  For that, I say OK GO AHEAD!

Let’s take a look at what we are really complaining about: people making an attempt.  While it’s true that the crowds will start to dwindle (in fact the crowds are already smaller than they were a week ago) and many of these people will give up working out with a shrug, for others, this is the start of something beautiful.  This is when they will make their lives even just a little healthier and it will become their lifestyle.

As someone who has been a lifelong athlete, I’ve decided to really focus on helping lift up those around me.  That means no headphones when I’m lifting.  It means helping if someone asks if their form is correct or what they can do to improve.  It means being available to motivate someone else.  Starting something new, especially if it’s the first time EVER can be extremely scary and that little piece of sisterhood is all the difference.  So Resolutioners, with hugs and a high five, I say WELCOME to the gym/studio/class/etc.   To all my Vets, remember that everyone starts somewhere so connect with those who are here to try.  Let’s do this together!

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