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Are you interested in working with Fit Latina?  Are you looking to help bring Fit Latina Live events to your city? Are you looking to start living a healthy lifestyle but are unsure of where to start? Whether you are a brand, an event, a PR ambassador or an individual looking for some fitness and healthy lifestyle guidance, there are numerous ways to work with Fit Latina.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, please contact me with your ideas and specific needs at acmFitLatina AT gmail DOT com.

Launching a Fitness Initiative chapter – Do you love the idea of attending a live and interacitve fitness event with other likeminded individuals but TFI hasn’t made it to your city yet?  You can help!  Please email to discuss details about becoming a chapter leader.

Advertising – Interested in placing on ad on Fit Latina? Contact me for updated pricing and open locations.

Product Reviews, Promotions, Giveaways – Fit Latina loves trying out and reviewing products and gear that relate to any and every sort of fitness, workout, nutrition and other healthy lifestyle topics. An honest review of your product will be conducted and Fit Latina will complete a post (or include a blurb in a post) if it feels that your product would appeal to the readers of Fit Latina.  Please contact if you are interested in sending a product to review so we can discuss details and whether or not your product would be a good fit.

Product Brand Ambassador/ Brand Developer – Looking for an athlete/woman/Latina to rep your brand?  Not sure how to enter the ever-competitive Hispanic market or active women’s market?  Fit Latina is open to branding projects like being a brand ambassador for appropriate products.  Fit Latina is also available to help brands strategize their efforts into both demographics.

Event Host – Whether it’s an in-store shopping promotion, moderating a panel, or helping launch your product, hosting events is a Fit Latina specialty. With lots of experience as an event host, your get fit event will be the talk of the town with Fit Latina!

Travel/Destination Fitness Events, Classes and Races – Fit Latina is a site that means to appeal to women and Latinas across the country and will try nearly anything is a quest to help other live healthier lifestyles.  Whether you teach a fitness/workout/nutrition/wellness course or are hosting a conference with healthy living components or you have a race that can’t be missed, Fit Latina is open to hearing more.  Leading up to your event, it will be promoted on various Fit Latina social media channels (Site, Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram) and afterwards the event will be reviewed on the site.  Fit Latina is open to nearly any sort of active event, race or class and open to nearly every location domestic and international. Please inquire after pricing and to discuss dates/requirements.

Wellness Coaching – Are you ready to make some serious lifestyle changes?  Are you looking for someone to help motivate you to get off the couch and get moving?  Fit Latina is open to coaching and motivation assignments for individuals.

On-air personality, spokesperson or TV Host – With media training under my belt after being a Division 1 college athlete, let Fit Latina help represent your brand on camera or on the red carpet with energetic passion and personality.  This also includes SMT talent opportunities.

Freelance writing – Looking for an article or blurb for your magazine or online source? Fit Latina’s writing has been featured on several sites – feel free to inquire after samples if you are interested. Please contact for more information and pricing.

Quotes – As a lifelong athlete, coming up with phrases and mantras relating towards motivation and healthy lifestyles is nearly second nature.  Fit Latina is also open to providing journalists with quotes about fit lifestyles for women and, more specifically, Latinas.

Social Media – From hosting a twitter party to blogging about a cool new product find to instagramming for your brand, Fit Latina eats, sleeps and breathe social media. Help your brand get noticed and gain new followers with a strong presence on across all FL social media platforms.

Sports Publicity and Media Training – Are you an athlete who is trying to expand your brand and get your name out there? Is your athletic career taking off but you have no idea how to navigate an interview? Hire Alexandra as your publicist. She has five years of media relations experience and the know how + media relationships to propel your image to the next level!

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