Motivation Monday! Workout Schedule for the week of 9/30

active womenWe are officially less than a month away from the Nike Women’s weekend.  Basically, it’s important to keep motivated and continue to build aerobic capabilities and strength so that by race day, my body is in optimal shape.  Are you looking for a workout plan this week?  Use this one and train with me or abridge these plans to make your own!

Monday – 7 mile run (for me this means running home from work.  It will be interesting to see if I can make it back faster on foot than by subway!)

Tuesday – Get in a solid circuit workout.  I’ll be posting mine this week! This is also a booty/legs day.

Wednesday – Pack in some easy mileage with sprint repeats.  Warm up for two miles then go 6 x 400 meters at a solid pace.

Thursday – Interval time!  Because San Fran is a city FILLED with hills, it’s important to get some in pre-race.  Warm up for one mile. Choose a hill that’s AT LEAST 100-200 meters long and race up them.  Make the jog back down your rest. Four hills makes one set and aim to complete three full sets.

Friday – Speedwork (8×100 meters) and YOGA.  Stretch, strengthen, release.

Saturday – Get in a nice long 11 mile run within a minute per mile of race pace.  Try to keep track of your mile splits.

Sunday – Make sure to take 15-20 minutes to stretch and use the rest of the day to rest up for the following week!


Do you schedule your workouts in advance?  What’s your week look like?  Share by tagging #LatinasRUNtheWorld

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