Review: Made In Nature grain fusions

One of the most important pieces of optimal wellness and health is the nutrition aspect.  A balanced diet is absolutely critical.  For many, that means making healthier choices and relearning deeply instilled habits. This is harder still when a food item holds a cultural tie.  For the majority of Latinos, one of these items is rice.  To be more specific, white rice.  While anything is fine in moderation, white rice is a fast carb (meaning the body breaks it down into sugar faster) and lacks fiber.

When I got the chance to try Made In Nature grain fusions, I jumped at the chance.  There are six different flavors: Mediterranean Feta (my favorite), Thai Coconut, Southwestern, Cuban Mojo (my second favorite), Mooccan Bazaar and tuscan Garlic & Tomato.  Each pack is filled with whole grains and flavor.  It also only takes literally one minute to cook which is awesome if you’re busy – and really who isn’t these days?


I was definitely pleased with the Cuban Mojo.  It tasted pretty good and the seasoning was really on point.  This is one of my favorite comfort foods so it was really appealing to me that I could have it so fast instead of spending hours cooking.

rice cuban mogi

While all the flavors were tasty, the major jumpout star for me was Mediterranean Feta. I love food from that region anyways and it made the perfect side to a meal with my grandmother who also loved it.

rice med

If you are anything like me, your eyes glace down to the ingredients lists on packages.  These are full of REAL food, vegetables and spices so you can really feel good about eating them and serving them to friends and family. All of the packages have significantly more fiber than white rice.  They are also loaded with other vitamins and minerals too.  I was pleasantly surprised by the relatively low sodium count as well.  These are REALLY flavorful so I expected to see huge amounts of sodium but it’s pretty decent at 190 mg.


The Mediterranean Feta was the perfect side!


These products can be found at and I definitely suggest checking them out. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


Disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own.  I was not paid for this review but I was given samples to try with my family.

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