What I Wore Wednesday, Yoga Edition!

Ever had one of those weeks that felt like it was dragging on and on. . .and on?  That’s me this week.  Normally, a good workout will get me out of a funk but I really needed so time really focus on relaxing and refocusing.  Yoga was exactly what the doctor ordered!

yoga wear 2


Despite my need for inner silence, I am never one to shy away from color!  I love layering my Nike Burnout Camouflouge red tank over a black or patterned sports bra from the Victoria’s Secret PINK collection.  It’s super light weight and airy and it allow for so much movement.

yoga wear 3


I also really like that the back is racerback so it makes your shoulders and back muscles look super fantastic!

yoga wear 4


If you’re balling on a budget like I am, head over to Old Navy for workout bottoms – who knew?!  These black crop pants have seen me through yoga, cycling, running and lifting.  I consider them a go to pair for many reasons – they are SUPER comfortable and high quality.  I also always make sure to keep my hair our of my face with Sparkly Soul headbands.  They come in two different widths and a variety of colors – super cute and the only headband I’ve found that actually stays in place no matter what!

yoga wear


What is your go-to outfit when you head to yoga class?  Do you have any favorite brands?


Disclaimer:  Completely unsponsored post!  I simply love all four brands and already had each piece in my wardrobe!

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