Why Runners Should Try Yoga

One of the most pleasant surprises in my current training program is the use of cross training and utilizing many varied types of workouts to build to the goal of completing my race in San Francisco in a couple of weeks.  I had anticipated weeks upon weeks of just putting in mileage – which, while great exercise, just isn’t exactly my scene.  With my attention span, I need to constantly be changing and stimulated.  One of the biggest surprises to me was the use of regular yoga.

As a fan of anything that can be easily tracked, I love that with yoga, you are constantly pushing your own boundaries and you can track your progress by how deep you can get into poses.  Plus, I’m obsessed with headstands!



I found a great article published this morning on My Yoga Online that matches the seven best yoga poses for runners and briefly goes into why the two are complementary before sharing the poses:    “Yoga and running are great complements to one another. Yoga can help to both stretch and lengthen muscles, and keep your joints healthy.  Running can also help to build muscles and increase endurance.”

The article clearly identifies the pose and explains step by step how to get into the pose regardless of how much yoga experience you have under your belt.  To find out which seven yoga poses are the best for runners,  click this link to read the original article.



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